We are a young family with two young boys, Toby and Jordan and a Staffy who love to hit the beach as much as possible. Our logo tells a bit of a story about our love of being connected to the coast and all the beauty it possesses. Sun rises, sunsets, wild storms, waves… it’s all magic. As parents we are also trying to do our bit to teach our boys about sustainability and will be utilising shirts that are only 100% organic cotton. This started as a bit of a joke and a bit of fun during isolation we had valued family time together to make it a team project. The boys had a hand in the design with the special touch of Toby’s handwriting being the Shades name. We hope it continues to be a bit of fun and that you like our vision enough to wear one yourself!


SHADES Youth Tee

  • Logo printed locally via Digital Heat Transfer

    Australian made t-shirt and our top seller in t-shirt wholesale: Certton.

    Proudly made in Australia, this t-shirt is not only made by the finest 100% organic cotton, but it also comes in the ultimate cut. 

    All the organic cotton used in our t-shirts is GOTS certified. The yarn is grown in India and brought over to Australia for manufacturing